Weekend Fun Recap

Our weekend was full of fun.  On Friday, Hattie and I had lunch with Gracie and a few of her friends.  She requested Chick-fli-a.  It was so nice not having to pack another lunch…I know all you moms feel my pain.  It’s so fun to see Gracie with her friends and I love that they are all such sweet little girls.  They were all full of giggles and shared so many cute things about themselves.  If you notice in the photo, Gracie is wearing a fake ankle brace she bought with her cousins….she told her friends that she fell out of bed and twisted her ankle.  It’s so incredible that all of them truly believed her, kids are so gullible;)

My little lunch buddies

Hattie’s shirt was Gracie’s, but similar here and here. Gracie’s top is from Justice here.

After Gracie went to that adorable paint party, she wanted to paint a larger picture.  So we had the neighbor girls over and they all painted away.  I drew Hattie and elephant she picked out and Gracie did her own thing.  They all turned out so adorable, it’s fun to see their creativity.  We love having such great neighbors with such sweet little girls, they are the bestest of friends.

Later that night, DJ and I went out to dinner.  It’s funny how early I ask the babysitter to come over now days…we just kind of want to get out ASAP, we need a break.  And secondly, the older we get, we like an early bedtime (well I do anyways).  If you know DJ and I then you know that Dad’s and Dudes is our favorite restaurant in the area.  They are a local brewery and pizzeria that is hands down the best….their combinations are spot on with the brews and the pizzas. The Munchies pizza is our all time favorite pizza and our friends all agree…the jalapenos and chunks of ricotta are to die for(can you tell how much I love this place?!?!?) So seriously if you live in the area, run out and try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Also, I am excited to share this great tank.  It comes in a variety of solid and stripes.  The fabric is so soft and and thick so it’s not see through.  I love how the shoulders and neck cut in, it gives the shoulders a more defined look.  With this type of top, a bra can be tricky so here is what I wore and it did the trick perfectly.


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