Weekend at the Reservoir

It is so awesome to live in Colorado.  There is so much to do outdoors and we are lucky enough to have a reservoir right in our backyard.  It is full of pavilions, BBQ’s,  bike paths, a park and of course a sandy beach area for play.  We loaded up the sand toys and headed over.  The girls dug and created mazes for their crawdads we caught and of course Hattie swung and chased bubbles.  The weather was perfect and they played for hours.


On the lookout for crawfish



With the girls loving to be outside all of the time, I’ve ended up buying them more play/comfy clothes this spring.  I buy a lot of the terry cotton shorts with a variety of tanks.  Gracie is going through a Justice phase (lord help me;)) ha and of course I still have full control over Hattie;)

Check out some of Gracie’s favorite shorts here and here and here favorite tanks here and here.

Check out Hattie’s short here and her tanks here and here.

My shorts are the J. Crew New Balance athletic shorts and I love the fit and the length.  I got mine on sale and they are still on SALE with the code SHOPSTYLE as of today.  My tank is another favorite workout top that can be worn both in and out of the gym.







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