Spring Dresses

Like every other little girl, Hattie LOVES dresses.  Last weekend, we went shopping for a few new Spring dresses to add to our collection.  And as always, I ended up with way more than we actually need, but everything was super cheap…..good excuse right?!?! No seriously, I love cheap little dresses because kids are so rough on stuff.  With crazy spring weather, I love pairing these dresses with leggings, a denim jacket, and a variety of shoes.  I have also stocked up on the adorable CAT and JACK brand hair accessories at TARGET.

The dress that Hattie is wearing is from H&M, but isn’t available online.

So here are my favorite finds:


GAP: here, here, herehere, here

H&M: here, here

Old Navy: here

Hair Accessories

CAT and JACK hair accessories


Gap: here

Old Navy: here

NEVER EVER buy GAP or Old Navy full price……I got all of my Gap dresses 50% off! They have a sale everyday.

H&M dress prices are amazing and honestly the quality is pretty dang good for the price!!!!  All of the dresses I bought were $4.99-$9.99.

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