Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day

I just love Valentines Day, it makes me so happy for so many reasons.  I love the candy, the decorations, the colors and making all of the heart treats.  But most of all, I love watching the girls pick out their favorite Valentines and getting them ready for friends…..(I still try to persuade them on choosing the “Pinterest” valentine, but I keep losing).  In the long run, their choice is a lot less stressful for me and more meaningful to them.

A few of my favorite things this Valentines were:

1.) Watching Gracie be very careful and thoughtful of who got what Valentine, especially the boys.

2.)  Hattie writing her name on every Valentine so quickly.

3.)  Making Valentine boxes and laughing how the foam hearts say “text” or “tweet” me.

4.)  Talking about love and watching the expression of disgust on their faces.

5.) Making and sharing Valentines cookies.

6.) All of the joy and happiness that they had opening all of their school Valentines.


We love giving treats to the neighbors for every holiday and here is what we did:

Cookie Decorating Kit

This was super easy, inexpensive and cute.

What you need:

1.) 8×8 cake/cookies boxes

2. Squeeze bottles (found in the baking section)

3. Plastic condiment cups, small bags, or prepackaged sprinkles.

4.  Homemade cookies and icing (recipe here) I love her recipes.

5. Baking twine or ribbon for the finishing touches.

*After making my icing, I transferred it into a large baggie.  I then cut a hole in the corner and squeezed it into my bottles.

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Favorite after school snack

Sometimes after school snacks can be tricky for everyone.  As moms, we want the snack to be healthy whereas kids would prefer more sugary choices.  (right?!?!?)  I do my best teach and guide my children about nutrition and healthy choices, but boy can it be challenging at times especially with Hattie who is very picky.  Gracie and I have found a great snack that makes everyone happy and it’s super easy.  It is a chocolate banana sushi roll.  In the midst of her wanting and needing more independence (that’s a whole other post), she loves that she can make it all on her own.

note:  I do the final cutting with the sharp knife 😉

Ingredients:  1. Your favorite slice of bread   2. Your choice of chocolate spread (we use the peanut butter and co. Dark Chocolate Dreams.)    3. Banana


1) Place your bread on a cutting board (leave or remove the crust).

2) With a rolling pin roll out your bread to make it flat and smooth.

3)  Spread the desired amount of chocolate spread on the bread.

4) Cut a banana in half and roll it up in the bread.

5) With a sharp knife, cut it into pieces like sushi rolls.

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My New Year’s BLOGGING Resolution

Since I’ve shared my blog address on Instagram, I wanted to share this post:

I’m not big on New Years Resolutions and I rarely ever make one, but this year was different, I really wanted to challenge myself to do something I’ve always wanted to do, so I did.  Since reading and following different blogs is a part of my everyday life, I finally decided to become a part of the blogging world and start my own.  This has been a huge step out of my comfort zone and a major learning process in so many ways.  I’ve wanted to do this for quite sometime, but honestly I’ve been scared.  I worried about what I would blog about and what others would think of me. Did I have anything valuable to offer or would I inspire anyone?!?!  I’ve changed the direction of my blog several times because of these fears.  Another thing I’ve struggled with is my blog looking perfect,  but as my husband reminded me,  I just started this process and that I should be proud of what I already have learned. (Literally, I’ve googled and googled and YouTubed so many tutorials to get this set up and there is still so much more to learn) so with all that, I am proud!  And I’m so excited to share with everyone about what I know best, and that’s my life! Like thepaigeedit says, this is my place for me to document my family, favorite finds and to share all the things I love.  So WELCOME!!!!

*A special thanks to my friend Bethany for helping me and always encouraging me to keep moving forward.



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My Favorite DRY Shampoos

I remember back in the days, I would wash my hair daily.  After working so hard on styling it, I would be so disappointed because it was so soft and wouldn’t hold well, not to mention that it was so time consuming.  It was the greatest day of my life once my stylist told me to stop washing my hair daily and introduced me to DRY SHAMPOO.  As moms and working women, we don’t have all the time in the world when it comes to getting ready and honestly, 2nd/3rd day hair looks and styles so much better.  Dry shampoo has saved my life since I workout so much and I love that there are so many choices on the market right now, and trust me, I’ve tried out my fair share, but here are some of my all time favorites that I use religiously.

#1-ORBIE dry texturizing spray (this brand is a bit more pricey, but worth every penny……$46.00 for 8.5 fl. oz) This is an invisible spray that builds texture and volume.  I not only use it on my off days, but also the day I blow dry my for for the extra texture.  It’s also great for messy buns or any up do.  Honestly, this product lasts and goes along way.


#2-batiste Dry Shampoo (super affordable and even cheaper at tj maxx…$4.99-7.99).  This product is a spray powder that comes in different scents and colors. I find that this brand is awesome at targeting the excess oil, but doesn’t make the hair feel too dry, just more clean.  The powder doesn’t flake and the price point is awesome.



#3-Bumble and bumble p^ret a` powder. (Middle of the line price point at $13.00).  This product is great for all textures and smells AMAZING.  This product does go along way, but I tend to use it on sides when I do a ponytail.  It’s a bit tricker to use because it’s not a spray.  You shake it in and massage it through your scalp.

Bumble and bumble

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The mock turtleneck

This winter I have been LOVING the mock turtle neck for many many reasons and I am so thrilled that it has made a comeback.

 The first reason I love my mock turtleneck is because there is a long running joke with everyone in my family that I have a small head so it doesn’t seem to swallow me up like a regular turtleneck :). Don’t worry, I still love a good turtleneck and wear them often.

Secondly, it’s great for women that don’t love to feel constricted in the neck area. It gives you the same look with half of the fabric.  Mocks are great transition pieces that can be worn from season to season.

And finally, they are just super cute and are all the rage right now.  Here is what I’m loving now…some sweaters and great tees and they are all on SALE.


Check out a few of my favorite finds,  here , here,  here , herehere, and here!


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Hello everyone and welcome to the paige edit. I am so excited to begin blogging about “real”everyday life, family, fashion, fitness and everything I think is worth sharing. I love inspiring women especially moms and I believe that being practical is the key to everything. But more than anything, I am excited to share all the unfiltered craziness that comes with my life. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.



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