My New Favorite Skin Product

Living in Colorado can be very hard on your skin.  A few weeks ago, I noticed how dry and dull my face was looking….to be honest, I was feeling a bit frustrated and my poor friends had to hear all about it;)  While reading my In Style magazine, I came across the CLINIQUE fresh pressed vitamin c booster.  I decided to head down to the mall and maybe try it out….before I decided where I was going to buy it, I picked the store with the best free gift…it was MACY’s that particular weekend and is still going on.

I ended up buying the 4 week pack.  Each bottle is only good for a week due to the vitamin c that degrades when exposed to oxygen.  I have been using it morning and night and honestly, I can say that my face feels and looks much more rejuvenated.  I now feel it has a slight glow to it and the dullness is gone. It’s also meant to be a de-aging solution, so I will pay more attention to that side and get back to you.  There is also a face wash, that I think I’ll add to my routine when I finish out my MURAD.


4 vials-4 weeks

1 vial-1 week

Vitamin c face wash 


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