My favorite go to’s and some new additions

I have several staples in my closest, but a few get worn more often than others.  I also tend to stick to my favorite color…..bLAck!!!!!  I just feel it is such a great winter color for blondes and can be worn with everything.  At preschool on Monday we made fake snow and my co-teacher text me to let me know that I may want to steer clear of my “normal black” attire and pull out something with more white…I pulled threw and found something much lighter in color for the day.


Okay so my first staple is my J.Crew black tissue tee (I too have it in other colors.)I love the weight of this turtleneck.  I feel that it goes great with jeans and sneakers or can be dressed up with pants or a skirt.

My second staple that I should have actually put as my first staple is my 9″ black button up Madewell jeans.  Ladies, these jeans are life changing.  Like seriously, the most comfortable, slimming, give you a figure/butt kind of jean.  Why has it taken so long for the high rise to come back????? The 9″ is such a great waist to start out with if you are still not sure of the high waisted jeans idea.  Just give them a chance, you will fall in love.  These jeans run true to size….they have stretch, but don’t stretch.  Also if you live near a Madewell, you can take an old pair of jeans in and receive $20.00 off your jean purchase.

My Madewell hoops are in my ears daily.  They are the perfect size and width and go great with everything.  Great price and they hold well.

My new added staple are these great shoes from Target.  My girlfriends and I all have them and we love them.  They are a cheaper version of the Free People shoes that are $200.00.  I’ve worn them everyday this week and my feet feel great in them.  I wear my D’Oarsy flats constantly, and these are very similar, just with an extra side. (Hattie hates these shoes and she tells me every time I wear them.)

My necklace is an oldy from Madewell, so I posted a similar one here that I think is very versatile.

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