Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day that has changed and meant something different for me every year depending on what stage of life I’m in.  But one thing I know is that after becoming a mom, I have a deeper appreciation for my own mother.  This year especially, I understand all her worries, sacrifices and hard work she went through as a mom, even though she made it seem effortless.  The love I have for my children is indescribable, but with all that love comes fear.  I am in charge of shaping and molding these 2 little girls and I don’t have an instruction book to guide me in this crazy world.  When they were babies, I could protect them from everything, but now that they are in school, they have so many outside influences.  My role as a mom is far more complex now, I have many hats that I have to put on daily.  But then I have to stop and realize that I can do this because I have such a great mother that molded me into the person I am today. (I too lucked out with a great mother in law, that I seek advice from often).  I GET to nurture, love and create security for them….I get to mother them.  I am also blessed to be surrounded my other amazing mamas that I admire, respect and look up to daily.

So today on Mother’s Day,  I know that my girls won’t fully understand the love I have for them and that’s okay, they will get it one day.  But I hope they understand that I am always here for them, and that they always feel safe and secure.  I had an awesome Mother’s Day:  I hit the gym, we had hibachi and as always over ate the Strawberries and Cream Bundt Cake!!

Seriously this is all we got for photos……:/

The school gifts are the best, they always make me tear up.

Here is part of Gracie’s….I’m apparently good at jump roping;)

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.



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