Hello everyone and welcome to the paige edit. I am so excited to begin blogging about “real”everyday life, family, fashion, fitness and everything I think is worth sharing. I love inspiring women especially moms and I believe that being practical is the key to everything. But more than anything, I am excited to share all the unfiltered craziness that comes with my life. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.



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  1. I think young mothers & fathers want to do their best for family and any extra tidbits shared with each other can only be appreciated. You have much to offer on this adventure of parenting. There are no manuals with kids, only what each of you share. Keep sharing!

  2. Even before you ever mentioned blogging to me, I thought- Paige should blog!! You know so much about everything from beauty to design and you are such a good mom and friend. You will rock this!!

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