Great dresses @ Urban Outfitters

Happy Saturday everyone.  I’m excited to announce that I am back!!!!  Summer has been a bit busy with the kids and I had to just stop and breath about blogging. (I may or may not let this thing stress me out;))))  But, my husband has encouraged to get back into it and I’m glad because I really do love sharing my favorite things.

Last week, while the girls and I were at the mall, I decided to hit up Urban Outfitters to look for a dress and ended up with 3!  All 3 are great everyday dresses but, are very versatile and can be worn for many different occasions.  Both dresses come is several different prints that are all really cute. I’ve worn both and got a lot of compliments on both!!!

Super soft, awesome pockets, & very minimal wrinkling

Comfy, light weight(not see through), minimal wrinkling.

NOTE:  I washed both dresses on delicate cycle, cold, and hung to dry.





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