As much as I love fashion, my other passion is fitness.  If you know me, you know what a gym junkie I am.  As far back as I remember, I’ve always loved to workout.  Clear back in Jr. High and High School, my girlfriends and I would go to the Athletic Club, workout and do aerobic classes…(step class was on of our favorite;))  I continued to workout, but it was after I had my babies that I got really serious and tried to be more knowledgable about fitness and nutrition. Naturally, I have a small frame and pretty good genetics, but I wanted to be healthy, lean and more cut.  I started eating clean, picked up running (which was a slow process) and started lifting A LOT of weights.  Every day, I would google, pin and observe different workouts I would see at the gym. I then would go off and do my thing.  Within months, I started seeing results with muscle definition….my hard work was paying off and I loved what I was seeing.

Hard work is defined as a great deal of effort and endurance….nothing happens if you don’t put in the time, and it really does take time and dedication.  I do get a little frustrated with people who think I am naturally blessed…like I said earlier, I do have good genetics, but I also put in the time and work my butt off even when I am tired.  I’m very conscience about what I do physically and what I eat, although I don’t deprive myself either.  Make working out a priority, I do about 1 hour to 1 hour & 20 min a day either at home or the gym.  It has just become a part of my life.  With all of that said, I am excited to be posting some of my favorite/simple workouts that have help defined my muscles throughout the years. (I now have to figure this video thing out;))


  1.  Set realistic goals for yourself and your life.
  2. There is no quick fix, everything takes time and effort.
  3. Figure out what works for your body both nutritionally and physically.
  4. Don’t be afraid or intimidated at the gym….own the place.  (Everyone is just there to get a workout in.)
  5. Don’t deprive yourself of things you love, just limit them.
  6. Always push yourself to do a little bit more each day.
  7. Workout with a friend or go to classes.
  8. Weights will not bulk you, we need them more than ever the older we get.
  9.  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else…focus on you.
  10. Stop the excuses and realize that you are important….you’ve got this!!!!

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