Favorite after school snack

Sometimes after school snacks can be tricky for everyone.  As moms, we want the snack to be healthy whereas kids would prefer more sugary choices.  (right?!?!?)  I do my best teach and guide my children about nutrition and healthy choices, but boy can it be challenging at times especially with Hattie who is very picky.  Gracie and I have found a great snack that makes everyone happy and it’s super easy.  It is a chocolate banana sushi roll.  In the midst of her wanting and needing more independence (that’s a whole other post), she loves that she can make it all on her own.

note:  I do the final cutting with the sharp knife 😉

Ingredients:  1. Your favorite slice of bread   2. Your choice of chocolate spread (we use the peanut butter and co. Dark Chocolate Dreams.)    3. Banana


1) Place your bread on a cutting board (leave or remove the crust).

2) With a rolling pin roll out your bread to make it flat and smooth.

3)  Spread the desired amount of chocolate spread on the bread.

4) Cut a banana in half and roll it up in the bread.

5) With a sharp knife, cut it into pieces like sushi rolls.

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