Crossbody Bags

Everyone knows I love my oversized handbags and thats all I’ve carried for years. They are convenient, spacious, and great when you have toddlers. (trust me, I will never get rid of my tote)  But recently, I’ve decided to switch over to a smaller cross-body bag for several reasons.  First off, I love the look and the convenience of the adjustable strap (which now straps can be worn high or low depending on what look you want).  I also like that it holds only what I need, phone, wallet, lipstick.  When I look in my tote bag, I literally feel like I am on an episode of Hoarders.  I constantly have my bag on the counter or floor digging for what I need.  I don’t even know why half of the stuff is in there or how it gets in the bag. Sadly, it’s not even the girls’ stuff, it is ALL mine.  So with all of that said, I’m excited to downsize to a new bag and become more organized.  Here are a few bags that I thought were cute, functional, and reasonably priced.  I’ll be excited to report back how this all goes….I can do this, right????







After looking at the the bags at the mall, I ended up going with the MADEWELL bag because I loved it, I got it on SALE and I’m just a MADEWELL junky.  Honestly, all of the bags I shared are really great.  Very spacious and very functional.  The Vince Camuto bags at Nordstrom had awesome built in wallets which is a huge bonus.

I know it has only been 2 days, but I love my new bag.  I love the weight of it and how it stays so nicely to my body while I shop.



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