Weekend Fun Recap

Our weekend was full of fun.  On Friday, Hattie and I had lunch with Gracie and a few of her friends.  She requested Chick-fli-a.  It was so nice not having to pack another lunch…I know all you moms feel my pain.  It’s so fun to see Gracie with her friends and I love that they are all such sweet little girls.  They were all full of giggles and shared so many cute things about themselves.  If you notice in the photo, Gracie is wearing a fake ankle brace she bought with her cousins….she told her friends that she fell out of bed and twisted her ankle.  It’s so incredible that all of them truly believed her, kids are so gullible;)

My little lunch buddies

Hattie’s shirt was Gracie’s, but similar here and here. Gracie’s top is from Justice here.

After Gracie went to that adorable paint party, she wanted to paint a larger picture.  So we had the neighbor girls over and they all painted away.  I drew Hattie and elephant she picked out and Gracie did her own thing.  They all turned out so adorable, it’s fun to see their creativity.  We love having such great neighbors with such sweet little girls, they are the bestest of friends.

Later that night, DJ and I went out to dinner.  It’s funny how early I ask the babysitter to come over now days…we just kind of want to get out ASAP, we need a break.  And secondly, the older we get, we like an early bedtime (well I do anyways).  If you know DJ and I then you know that Dad’s and Dudes is our favorite restaurant in the area.  They are a local brewery and pizzeria that is hands down the best….their combinations are spot on with the brews and the pizzas. The Munchies pizza is our all time favorite pizza and our friends all agree…the jalapenos and chunks of ricotta are to die for(can you tell how much I love this place?!?!?) So seriously if you live in the area, run out and try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Also, I am excited to share this great tank.  It comes in a variety of solid and stripes.  The fabric is so soft and and thick so it’s not see through.  I love how the shoulders and neck cut in, it gives the shoulders a more defined look.  With this type of top, a bra can be tricky so here is what I wore and it did the trick perfectly.


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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day that has changed and meant something different for me every year depending on what stage of life I’m in.  But one thing I know is that after becoming a mom, I have a deeper appreciation for my own mother.  This year especially, I understand all her worries, sacrifices and hard work she went through as a mom, even though she made it seem effortless.  The love I have for my children is indescribable, but with all that love comes fear.  I am in charge of shaping and molding these 2 little girls and I don’t have an instruction book to guide me in this crazy world.  When they were babies, I could protect them from everything, but now that they are in school, they have so many outside influences.  My role as a mom is far more complex now, I have many hats that I have to put on daily.  But then I have to stop and realize that I can do this because I have such a great mother that molded me into the person I am today. (I too lucked out with a great mother in law, that I seek advice from often).  I GET to nurture, love and create security for them….I get to mother them.  I am also blessed to be surrounded my other amazing mamas that I admire, respect and look up to daily.

So today on Mother’s Day,  I know that my girls won’t fully understand the love I have for them and that’s okay, they will get it one day.  But I hope they understand that I am always here for them, and that they always feel safe and secure.  I had an awesome Mother’s Day:  I hit the gym, we had hibachi and as always over ate the Strawberries and Cream Bundt Cake!!

Seriously this is all we got for photos……:/

The school gifts are the best, they always make me tear up.

Here is part of Gracie’s….I’m apparently good at jump roping;)

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.



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MAJOR SALE….my favorite cold shoulder top.

Okay, good news…..my favorite cold shoulder top is on MAJOR SALE!!!!!  Now here is the kicker-it’s online for $39.99 which is a great price, but in store is offering an additional 30% off.  Sometimes, Madewell over the phone will price match, so it’s worth calling and giving it a shot.  This top is so great…..I typically wear an xxs at Madewell, but decided to size up one size just for a little more flow with this type of shirt. I promise, you will love love love this shirt.

Madewell here, here, and here

Nordstrom here and here





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Weekend at the Reservoir

It is so awesome to live in Colorado.  There is so much to do outdoors and we are lucky enough to have a reservoir right in our backyard.  It is full of pavilions, BBQ’s,  bike paths, a park and of course a sandy beach area for play.  We loaded up the sand toys and headed over.  The girls dug and created mazes for their crawdads we caught and of course Hattie swung and chased bubbles.  The weather was perfect and they played for hours.


On the lookout for crawfish



With the girls loving to be outside all of the time, I’ve ended up buying them more play/comfy clothes this spring.  I buy a lot of the terry cotton shorts with a variety of tanks.  Gracie is going through a Justice phase (lord help me;)) ha and of course I still have full control over Hattie;)

Check out some of Gracie’s favorite shorts here and here and here favorite tanks here and here.

Check out Hattie’s short here and her tanks here and here.

My shorts are the J. Crew New Balance athletic shorts and I love the fit and the length.  I got mine on sale and they are still on SALE with the code SHOPSTYLE as of today.  My tank is another favorite workout top that can be worn both in and out of the gym.







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Apron Cross Back Tank

I found another great basic tee tank to add to my collection and it’s under $30.00.  It is the apron cross back tank from Madewell.  I love this tank so much because like I said, it is very basic and I can wear it in the day, but very versatile and can be dressed up for going out.  The cross back and buttons on this top give it just the right amount of detail to set it off….so cute.  You can also uncross the straps for a different look.  This tank has a slight flare (hence it’s called the apron tank), but doesn’t feel sloppy. You can also purchase this tank from Nordstrom😉 AND if you haven’t checked out my white jeans from my earlier post, you have to now!!!! They are my AE jeans and I swear by them.  I bought mine in short length for a slight cropped look.

similar shoes here

J. Crew

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