V-necks and white jeans.

Yay, we made it through the week!  With all of our busy schedules and toting kids around, I wanted to share my favorite busy mom go to outfit for spring……tees and jeans.  Earlier I posted about my favorite crew neck tees, but now I want to share my favorite v-neck tees.  They are the Madewell whisper cotton v-neck tee and they come in a variety of colors.  They are so great and are easily taken from day to night. The pink shades are so pretty and springish.

But what I am really excited to share with you  are my new favorite white jeans from American Eagle.  Yes I said American Eagle and they are so amazing.  The fit is spot on, they are not high waisted nor low waisted, just a good in between fit.  The material has a lot of stretch, but doesn’t stretch out.  I wear my white pants all year long and they go through a lot and get a lot on them so I don’t love spending too much on them.  Take my word on this though, you won’t be disappointed. I am on day 3 of wearing them, and they are awesome.  I ended up buying them in the short length, just for a slight crop look.  I paired this outfit with these gold ankle espadrilles from Old Navy for a steal and my new favorite J. Crew  earrings.

Style Tip:  I always do a baby front tuck with my tees just to give it a little something.  And it’s a good trick with tees to keep the bottom from getting tiny holes that rub against your jeans all day.

  1.  Madewell whisper tee
  2. AE white jeans
  3. J. Crew earrings
  4. Old Navy Espadrilles
  5. Ray Ban glasses
  6. Buxom Lipgloss-pink lady
  7. Revlon Colorburst-cherish

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As much as I love fashion, my other passion is fitness.  If you know me, you know what a gym junkie I am.  As far back as I remember, I’ve always loved to workout.  Clear back in Jr. High and High School, my girlfriends and I would go to the Athletic Club, workout and do aerobic classes…(step class was on of our favorite;))  I continued to workout, but it was after I had my babies that I got really serious and tried to be more knowledgable about fitness and nutrition. Naturally, I have a small frame and pretty good genetics, but I wanted to be healthy, lean and more cut.  I started eating clean, picked up running (which was a slow process) and started lifting A LOT of weights.  Every day, I would google, pin and observe different workouts I would see at the gym. I then would go off and do my thing.  Within months, I started seeing results with muscle definition….my hard work was paying off and I loved what I was seeing.

Hard work is defined as a great deal of effort and endurance….nothing happens if you don’t put in the time, and it really does take time and dedication.  I do get a little frustrated with people who think I am naturally blessed…like I said earlier, I do have good genetics, but I also put in the time and work my butt off even when I am tired.  I’m very conscience about what I do physically and what I eat, although I don’t deprive myself either.  Make working out a priority, I do about 1 hour to 1 hour & 20 min a day either at home or the gym.  It has just become a part of my life.  With all of that said, I am excited to be posting some of my favorite/simple workouts that have help defined my muscles throughout the years. (I now have to figure this video thing out;))


  1.  Set realistic goals for yourself and your life.
  2. There is no quick fix, everything takes time and effort.
  3. Figure out what works for your body both nutritionally and physically.
  4. Don’t be afraid or intimidated at the gym….own the place.  (Everyone is just there to get a workout in.)
  5. Don’t deprive yourself of things you love, just limit them.
  6. Always push yourself to do a little bit more each day.
  7. Workout with a friend or go to classes.
  8. Weights will not bulk you, we need them more than ever the older we get.
  9.  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else…focus on you.
  10. Stop the excuses and realize that you are important….you’ve got this!!!!

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Sweater Tanks

Who says sweaters are just for winter???  While at the mall the other day, I found several sweater tank tops in every store and I loved all of them.  I ended up getting mine from Madewell if that is a shocker to anyone:)  I just loved the reddish orange color so much for spring and summer and the cut is so flattering.  But,  I also found one almost identical to it from Old Navy and it’s super cute and a great price.  Both sweaters come in 3 colors.  It is a great staple piece that can be dressed up or down. Currently I am wearing mine with denim and my white jeans. In the summer, I’ll wear my denim white and blue shorts.  Also this top would be adorable paired with a flowy skirt.  I have rounded up some tops below.


Again I am wearing my favorite jeans similar here and my favorite J. Crew leather flip flops here 30% off today.  (I’ve had them 3 years, they hold up so well.)  But what I am most excited to share is my earrings.  They are oversized tortoise hoops that make a great statement piece, I got a lot of compliments on them.  They are under $20.00 with 30% off today and come in 2 other colors.  My necklace is Stella and Dot and I never take it off;)

Here are some similar sweaters I loved as well:

Old Navy







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My New Favorite Skin Product

Living in Colorado can be very hard on your skin.  A few weeks ago, I noticed how dry and dull my face was looking….to be honest, I was feeling a bit frustrated and my poor friends had to hear all about it;)  While reading my In Style magazine, I came across the CLINIQUE fresh pressed vitamin c booster.  I decided to head down to the mall and maybe try it out….before I decided where I was going to buy it, I picked the store with the best free gift…it was MACY’s that particular weekend and is still going on.

I ended up buying the 4 week pack.  Each bottle is only good for a week due to the vitamin c that degrades when exposed to oxygen.  I have been using it morning and night and honestly, I can say that my face feels and looks much more rejuvenated.  I now feel it has a slight glow to it and the dullness is gone. It’s also meant to be a de-aging solution, so I will pay more attention to that side and get back to you.  There is also a face wash, that I think I’ll add to my routine when I finish out my MURAD.


4 vials-4 weeks

1 vial-1 week

Vitamin c face wash 


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Spring Break 2017


We are lucky that our school district gives us 2 WEEKS for each break.  We always spend the first week back in Utah where all of our families live.  It’s such a fun time for us to catch up and spend countless hours playing with cousins.  We celebrated birthdays, did Easter crafts, got outdoors, saw 2 movies and of course, the girls ate Wendy’s at least 8 times. (They think it’s the greatest.)


The pink dinosaur that I’ve been been pictured with and meant to get this trip :/


Olivia’s 3rd BIRTHDAY

Moonshine Arch Hike

My hometown has so much to see and explore outside.

part 2:

It took the girls several days to catch up on sleep from UT.  We spent the 2nd week relaxing, catching up on house work, going to the mall and of course playing with neighbors and friends.

Magic tricks….I love love love watching their reactions to DJ’s magic.

Lunch at the mall.


I love the fact that they play, but the aftermath!!!!!!!

The ZOO…….


Birthday dinner

3 Little Griddles…….

If you live in the Southlands area or near and haven’t been to get their breakfast, you need to go NOW!!!!  The 3 Little Griddles has the most amazing breakfast, everything on the menu is to die for.  It is just a small little restaurant that is always packed but worth the wait. I went with the french toast this time….AMAZING!!!!

My TOPSHOP tees were a go to for Spring Break and of course I wore my favorite Madewell jeans….similar here (I own loads of jeans, but as you all know, I wear this pair nonstop).  My Birkenstocks are another staple for me.

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Cold Shoulder Tops

Sometimes there are trends that are more specific for certain age groups, but the cold shoulder shirt is a style that looks great on everyone.  Shoulders are easy to show off because everyone has good shoulders;) I personally feel so much more feminine when I show my shoulders.  Last week at the mall I of course was in MADEWELL and found the perfect shirt for my girlfriends birthday party.  I can’t lie, I love it so much and want it in every color, I have refrained though!!!!! One of the main reasons I love this style of top is the fact that I don’t have to worry about it staying in place like when wearing my off the shoulder tops.  I ended up going up a size in this top because I wanted it to be a bit oversized.  The top is flowly, but I ended up doing the front tuck for a more polished look.


Here are a few tops that I thought were great for the price point.  Gap, Old Navy and Banana are having 40%, no exclusions and Madewell always offers 15% off to teachers (I get it now that I took the preschool position :))  All these tops are great for spring and summer.

*Madewell jeans old, but similar here.

*J. Crew shoes old, but similar here.


Madewell in white

Madewell in denim

Banana Republic 40% off

Macy’s Jessica Simpson


OLD NAVY 40% off


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Easter Gifts for Kids

Easter is one of my favorite holidays and I love creating a special Easter basket for the girls.  I like giving them something that can be of use for spring and summer….not just junk.  Every year they receive a new swimsuit and a pair of shoes.  I always like to replenish the outdoor chalk that they love and of course some yummy candy.  I also give them something for outdoors such as this adorable jump rope I came across on Amazon. (how cute is it???)  Another tradition that we do for our Easter egg hunt is to stuff our plastic eggs with fun things besides candy.  Some examples are: dollars, chapstick, gift cards to their favorite ice-cream places, movie tickets, blind bags and hair accessories (such as the cute bunny hair clips from Meri Meri). Be creative and think of things that can be of use to them.  What are some things you do for your Easter baskets????

Easter Basket Ideas:

  1.  Girls swimsuits here, here, here and here
  2. Girls flip flops/shoes here, here, here and here
  3. Girls Easter eggs
  4. Chocolate Bunny Candy
  5. Candy
  6. Boys swimsuits herehere, here and here
  7. Boys Easter eggs
  8. Bunny Hairclips
  9. Chalk
  10. Jump rope
  11. Boys flip flops/shoes herehere, here and here
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1 Tee, Endless Possibilities

We all a good tee that can be worn with everything right?!?!? Well I found two that I love and I am so excited to share them with you all.  The first one is from TOPSHOP at Nordstrom.  It is $20.00 and I like this tee for many reasons.  First off, this tee isn’t fitted, it is like a regular t-shirt, but not as long…..don’t worry, it’s not a crop top, but it shorter than regular tees. The material is a little thicker so it’s not see through and you won’t get those annoying tiny holes near the bottom.  I also like the slight distressed look to give it a little something extra. I loved this tee so much, that I bought it in 4 colors.  It also comes in a black and white stripe which is adorable.  They also have a few maternity options….here and here.

The second tee is the vintage wash crew neck tee from GAP.   These tees are the perfect fit: not fitted, but slightly loose and a great length.  The material is so soft and not see through.  It is a very clean cut tee.  I own several of these tees and they have held up so well and no little holes near the bottom.  Both tees are great to have, just slightly different styles depending on what you are going for.

More than loving these t-shirts so much, I wanted to share the possibilities that come with them.  I have learned that the t-shirt is the most versatile item in your closet and can be worn with just about anything for any occasion.  The biggest thing that I do to my t-shirt outfit is add fun accessories and shoes.

Here are some possibilities:

I’ve shared the black tee, but any color works!




  1.  All jean colors and styles work with a tee. (black, gray, dark denim, white, distressed, boyfriend)
  2. Shoes and accessories change the outfit for different occasions.
  3. Think about where you are going when creating your outfit…..my girlfriends and I often go to our favorite pizza and brewery restaurant which is casual….I would wear the distressed jeans with the statement earrings and my flats for a little something extra.




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