The mock turtleneck

This winter I have been LOVING the mock turtle neck for many many reasons and I am so thrilled that it has made a comeback.

 The first reason I love my mock turtleneck is because there is a long running joke with everyone in my family that I have a small head so it doesn’t seem to swallow me up like a regular turtleneck :). Don’t worry, I still love a good turtleneck and wear them often.

Secondly, it’s great for women that don’t love to feel constricted in the neck area. It gives you the same look with half of the fabric.  Mocks are great transition pieces that can be worn from season to season.

And finally, they are just super cute and are all the rage right now.  Here is what I’m loving now…some sweaters and great tees and they are all on SALE.


Check out a few of my favorite finds,  here , here,  here , herehere, and here!


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Hello everyone and welcome to the paige edit. I am so excited to begin blogging about “real”everyday life, family, fashion, fitness and everything I think is worth sharing. I love inspiring women especially moms and I believe that being practical is the key to everything. But more than anything, I am excited to share all the unfiltered craziness that comes with my life. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.



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